Experience the Bull

Renting a Mechanical Bull is more than just a ride, its an experience. When we started in this business we had one goal in mind - to distinguish ourselves and our services from the competition. Our equipment is all top of the line and brand new - featuring the latest computer based bucking and movement technology which closely resembles that of a real bull. We implore the highest in safety standards - our model bull is known to be the safest mechanical bull in the industry.

Our new Mechanical Bull offers all of the latest safety features and innovations. We carry the only brand of bull that passes the safety standards of every state in the country.

Our bull is equipped with the Auto Stop Sensor instantly stopping the bull after a fall, an LED display timer showing the exact time of the rider, a life like foam head with quick release foam horns, a low mounted bull combined with a plush inflatable landing pad to ensure the falls are soft, an authentic cow hide body, computer controlled bucking action, and our attractive safety pad system that is custom made to look like a real corral makes this the safest, most realistic mechanical bull ride anywhere.


Each and every aspect has been thought out - you will notice the difference in the level of professionalism and service that we provide. We guarantee, we are worth every buck!?

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WHY is Columbia Bull Rental the Best?

Bull Features:

Safety Features:

  • When it comes to mechanical bulls, we don't settle for anything less than the best. Our bulls are all premium quality, not budget models. Here's what sets us apart:
Auto foot pedal Stop
  • *Top-notch Models: All our bulls are recent models, ensuring reliability and performance with every ride.
Auto stop sensors
  • *Authentic cowhide
Sofolex rubber safety head.
  • *Six preset automatic competition levels
Safest Bulls on the planet
  • *Choice of Inflatables: Choose from a variety of inflatables that other companies simply don't offer, adding an extra element of fun to your event.
Certified Operators
*Timers for competitive riding  

Our Staff:

We Offer:

Happy . funny . mature Great pricing
4 operators are state certified Custom packages
Operators have been fully trained Great Package pricing
  Great Customer Service