Mechanical bull round Stars & Stripes inflatable

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Columbia, SC


Mechanical Bull Round

Stars & Stripes inflatable



  1. Premium Stars & Stripes Themed Mechanical Bull

  2. All our mechanical Bulls are premium models they are the best riding mechanical Bulls and the safest in the world. Safety is paramount so OUR premium mechanical bull is fitted with our unique automatic stop sensor. As soon as the rider falls off the bull stops instantly. What sets the premium mechanical bull part from the competitions BUDGET BULLS.

  3. 1) All our premium Bulls have soft rubber/foam safety heads
    2) There are six preset automatic competitive levels
    3) All our premium Bulls have 2 LED time clocks for competitive competition
    4) You have a choice of three different inflatable mattresses that go around the mechanical bull

  4. Requirements:
    16’ Diameter floor space
    9’ ceilings for indoor events
    2 electrical outlets 15amp or 20amp (these are generic outlets in everyone’s homes)
  5. This mechanical bull rental is operated by a certified mechanical bull rental operator.  This operator has different controls in which to control the speed of the mechanical bull as well as the motion & the buck of the mechanical bull rental.  
  6. The speed dial controls the 6 different levels of speed of the mechanical bull rental.  This dial also controls the speed of the buck which is the mechanical bull rental moving up & down.  The motion dial controls the back & forth action of the mechanical bull.  These controls in combination by the certified operator create a unique experience for each party participant. 
  7. Amongst the safety features of our mechanical bull rental is the head of the mechanical bull is soft.  This is very important as other mechanical bull rentals use a fiberglass head.  When a party bull rider is dislodged from a mechanical bull with a fiberglass head this may cause an injury.  With a soft headed mechanical bull this concern is eliminated. 
  8. Other safety features include an immediate cutoff switch that when the bull rider falls off, the mechanical bull stops moving.  Additionally, the certified mechanical bull rental operator has completed extensive training and is in constant supervision of the action inside the bull ring.
  9. Mechanical bull rentals are a great addition to a variety of events including corporate team building, SClas and promotional events.  There are numerous opportunities for branding including the kiosk that controls the mechanical bull, the bull itself as well as displays placed on the outer perimeter of the bull ring.  


  10. A large screen projection screen or plasma screens can be placed outside of the mechanical bull  ring and the time of each bull rider can be displayed on the screens.  Typical times do not last 30 seconds.